Routers -- Your best choices, UNDER $300, for wired and wireless in 2020

By C.M. -- Certified Ethical Hacker, Network+, Security+
March 01, 2020

Routers are your gateway to the outside internet world. A router is the device you use to connect to your internet service providers line that enters your home and allows you to have home internet access. Your connection may still be with copper wire or you may be in an area lucky enough to have access to high-speed fiber optic cable. Some routers are super fast for gaming and high data flow while others are meant for just a couple of devices that may connect to the internet reliably but won't stream videos or provide adequate bandwidth to enjoy online TV services and online gaming.

The more devices you have in your home or office means they will demand more bandwidth and coverage for consistent and error free uploads and downloads. High quality routers come with both wired (ethernet cable connections) and wireless connection options. While wireless is becoming the standard everyone is used to we feel that wired ethernet connections offer the best choice in security and speed when gaming and streaming given that you aren't broadcasting information over the wireless signal. It's never been more important to have a high-quality, high-speed, and highly secure router connection for your family. Check out these amazing selections for the best in consumer grade routing technology.